Incorrect invoice records

Hi I have created some invoices whilst tagging client payments automatically using the confirm facility. I realised afterward that the numbers created do not respond to the actual invoices I had created and sent out. I rectified this but cannot delete the invoices as I have already submitted my VAT return. I know have a discrepancy in the figures as the three invoices I do not need are showing as owing. Is there anyway I can balance this out using a journal or the like without having to rollback the VAT?

Thanks in advance,


This is actually very simple to rectify, all you need to do is credit note for the incorrect numbered invoices submitted on the VAT return:

Make sure to use the same date, as date entered on the correct numbered invoices when raising the credit note, the following quarters VAT return will include both the correct numbered invoices, along with the credit notes, therefore the net effect will be zero.