Incorrect payment attributed to invoice

I raised a credit note for a client and issued a new invoice for the correct amount, marked as paid.

The balance I applied to another invoice but Quickfile has attributed a random amount to it and now the outstanding balance is completely incorrect. How do I remove an allocated payment (the incorrect on from Quickfile) to ensure the balance on the client account is correct? thanks

Click o payment link on invoice and then delete it

When I click into the invoice it doesn’t show the incorrect credit - only in the history so I can’t delete it!

i.e it shows in “recent events” but when I click in the invoice to view payment attributed. it’s not there but still shows incorrect balance.

Hi @Fiona_Chow

Just to confirm the situation -

  • You had an invoice for a client, which was incorrect
  • You’ve raised a credit note for this invoice to reduce the balance / cancel it out
  • You raised a new invoice for the correct amount
  • A payment has been linked to this new invoice, but you’re not sure where it’s come from

Is that correct?

Hi - I raised a credit note for an invoice which had been paid but incorrectly had VAT added. I then issued a new invoice for the correct amount (without VAT) and marked it as paid against the credit note.

I then applied the balance of the credit note (£1100) to another invoice to the same client which should have taken the total outstanding to £1,650. When you look at that last invoice it shows payment of £1100 logged today and another, completely random amount of £1601.56 today as another payment which I did not enter. The strange thing is it shows in the “recent events” under the invoice but when I click the payments attributed to the invoice it only shows the £1100 and not the random number. The balance is still wrong though! Happy to share info on PM to resolve. thanks!

I’ll send you a private message to get some more details from you :slight_smile:

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