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Incorrect search results in Purchases

If I use the Quick Search box, I can see all results for the item I am searching for. However if I view all Purchases and type the same search criteria in the Description box, not all of the results appear.

This has happened several times now but this is the first time I have reported it.

I will attach a screen shot which shows 5 receipts in the Quick Search box, but only 3 results when searched for under the main Purchases screen.

Also, if I type 1486 in the Quick search they all appear, but no results at all appear if I type 1486 in the Description box under Purchases

Hi @ClaireB

The search function works on an index that is updated periodically

It may be that the invoices were created before the index was updated and so wouldn’t be picked up in the search.

You may find that if you try again now that the search will work as expected

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Thanks Beth, all sorted :slight_smile:

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