Incorrect totals on invoice

When I was making an estimate for a client, I was adding two different £30 charges in a separate subtotal section. The subtotal and final estimate was up by 1p.

There was a discount applied, but this still doesn’t look right…


Any ideas?

Further testing shows that this is related to the discount… when it’s removed, the subtotal goes down to the correct amount

Hello @petersto

It does look to be a small rounding error.

How are you applying the discount - is it using the discount box at the top for example, or are you adding a negative line the invoice?

Invoice box at the top, in my case it’s a straight 30%

The discount shouldn’t make a difference as this is applied at the end in the totals box.

Let me look into this a bit further and I’ll come back to you shortly.

@petersto - this should now be resolved. Would you mind checking again please?

Yep, its all looking good now. Thanks for the quick fix!

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