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Increase the number of invoices allowed for rebilling expenses


Hi I’m contacting you about Re-billing my expenses. can you increase the number of receipts to more than 10, so far I’ve not been able to use the feature because I’m always over 10… why was this limit set?


Hi @sampier

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

This feature was born from and built with community feedback so I’d imagine initially there was a reason from our developers for the limit, but this was likely to have been agreed with other users.

I will certainly pass your comments to our development team and update you here should this change.


Hi thank you for the fast feedback,

I dont know if it is helpful but could it work this way?:

At the time of inputting the expense originally there is an option to re bill to a client from a drop down menu, and then when I go to my client menu hey presto! they are all there and I can select the ones I want and they get sent to an invoice for that client (including the scan copy of the receipt)… this would be wonderful and make QuickFile “Great Again” or so Donald tells me…:sunglasses:


We can certainly consider it if there’s support from the community. You’ve posted in the right category and we’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote and comments. We’ll keep an eye on it :slight_smile:


By the way I think it was me that initiated this feature months ago… ( I used to use another software and they had this feature which made life very simple )

With regards to my previous software, I remember that at the time of inputting an expense had the following options:-

-Re-bill to (select client from drop down)
-Mark up or down ( so I could give a discount or increase by inputting a %age)
-Include scanned receipt (tick box)

There was also an expense input screen specifically for miles, this allowed the car category to be selected and if I selected to reimburse myself at the HMRC rates it automatically calculated the right rate up to 10,000 miles and then beyond that it dropped the rate…

Why did I stop using this previous wonderful software?.. it couldn’t add up! honestly!!!.. devastating!!! It kept calculating my expenses wrong and also the mileages…

Anyway, hope this might be helpful input…:+1:



It would be so nice to lift this limitation. I have 47 receipts to rebill and creating 5 invoices does not seem like a good idea if I ever want to receive the money.

Thank you


As a temporary workaround, I have added the following code in the custom script section of the “Advanced Customisation” page:

$(".btnRebill").off("click").click(function(){var t=$(".inputActionCheckbox:checked").length,n;if(t>0){n=$(".btn-more-options").offset();pos_left_loading=n.left+50;pos_top_loading=n.top+40;pos_left=n.left+50;pos_top=n.top+40;$.facebox.settings.opacity=.25;$.facebox.settings.arrowPosition="left";$.facebox({ajax:"/WebServices/htmlTpl/rebillModal.html"});$("#facebox_overlay").unbind("click")}else Modal.alert("You haven't selected anything?")});

Don’t forget to click on



Save File


This is just defeating the client-side checks. I wouldn’t recommend doing this as it may not process correctly on the server-side.

These limits were imposed when we first launched this feature as a precaution. It’s better we now increase the limit by design rather than have this workaround.

Leave it with us and we’ll take a look shortly.


It did not seem to cause problems but I understand.

Thanks for taking a look!