Instalment payments & integration


I currently use GoCardless with recurring payments. This produces separate monthly invoices. This is ok for our Home customers, but not so good for our Business customers.

We sell our services on an annual basis (January to December) and really need one invoice raised with monthly payments deducted from that invoice.

I do not think this is currently possible with GoCardless.

Is this possible with any of the other Providers Paypal, Sagepay or Worlday?

With reference to PayPal, I am limited to a Standard PayPal account. I looked at Subscription Payments but this appears to produce monthly invoices. I am currently investigating Sagepay & Worldpay.

At this stage we are not able to develop API and need to avoid PCI compliance if possible.

Any help greatly appreciated.


At the moment it’s not possible to collect monthly payments within Quick File without setting up a recurring invoice profile.

You could set up an account directly with GoCardless to collect monthly payments, although you will need to manually enter or upload your GoCardless statements on a regular basis onto your Quick File Account to allocate the individual payments against the annual invoices.

They all offer some sort of recurring payments options, again these will need to be set up directly with the payment service provider and then the recurring payments received allocated to the annual invoices, similar to the process described above.

Since writing the POST I no longer have a need for:

“one invoice raised with monthly payments deducted from that invoice”.

I am continuing with GoCardless - Recurring invoice profile.

If I setup a PayPal Merchant account does Recurring invoice profile work in a similar way to GoCardless or do I have to set-up the recurring part via PayPal. I am hoping to control all Recurring invoices from QuickFile.

The recurring payments for PayPal need to be setup on the PayPal control panel, if you’re running the PayPal feed, Quick File will automatically import the payments, you can then manually link them to the associated recurring invoice. Just make sure your PayPal feed isn’t configured to auto-tag.