Intangible Asset Amortization menu item is duplicated

As per attached screenshot.

That seems like a bug to me.

There are actually 2 codes for “Intangible Asset Amortisation”. One sits on the P&L the other on the balance sheet. They both need to remain but it may be preferable here to show the corresponding nominal codes.

But how do I differentiate which one is which? They both look the same.

Right now you wouldn’t be able to, without saving and setting up an invoice. I’ve noted this on our planner so we should have a solution in the next few days.


We’ve now added the suffix (BS) and (P&L) to distinguish the codes. There’s a also another pair named “Goodwill Amortizisation”, these haven’t been updated as yet, but will be in the next release (tomorrow).

I’m positively surprised by the speed with which you’re moving.

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