Integrating Amazon Seller Central with QuickFile

Can anyone help me with ways to Integrate Amazon Seller Central with QuickFile.
May be through API.
Ideally it is good if we can retrieve amazon orders by some kind of feed to QuickFile.
Thank you

We don’t have any direct integration with Amazon Marketplace. We do however have an API so in theory it would be possible to build a data connector with Amazon as they too will have some sort of API for pulling out the relevant reporting information.

has this been done now I have a client who sells on amazon wallpaper and he wants the info pulled from amazon sales into quickfile to produce a sales invoice but he has multi currencies as he sells across the world and if he could do the same for paypal too but he has alot of held funds in paypal with disputed transactions what happens there?

My previous message was really aimed at any 3rd party developers, we don’t have any plans at this stage to build a direct integration with Amazon Marketplace. QuickFile does work with Zapier for connecting 3rd party web services, but I don’t believe Amazon Marketplace are connected to Zapier yet?