Integrating Sagepay error on test payment


Hi Glen,
Firstly can I say how great your software is and the support. I have started to use Quickfile last 2 days.
I have integrated Sagepay (I already had an account, got all the info from Sagepay) I sent an invoice to myself to pay using the test server setup.
When I went to pay the invoice by clicking make a secure payment to Sagepay I was forwarded to the Sagepay site, but got this error message:

           Status Detail:
           5070 : Form transactions are disabled for this vendor

in the test environment. Please contact support to re-enable this

Is this because it is in the test environment?
Please advise, many thanks.

Hi there, glad to hear you like the software.

The message you’re seeing there definitely looks like a SagePay specific error. I think if you contact them and read that message to them they may be able to enable something on your account to get past that?

Otherwise you can just create something like a 10-20p test invoice and switch it to live mode, that’s usually what I’ve resorted to in the past :smile:

Thanks Glenn (sorry miss-pelt your name in the original post)
I will try your possible solution before I contact Sagepay.
Very pleased I found your software, will certainly be recommending it to others.
Best Wishes

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