Integration with Ecwid App

Thinking of integrating my QuickFile account with Ecwid app, Before parting with £54 (to upgrade to the QuickFile “Power” subscription to enable this!). I need to know when raising an invoice in QuickFile, will it then adjust stock levels accordingly with that in Ecwid (i.e. i need stock levels to sync between the two apps)?

Hi @simplycandy_uk

With the web hooks, QuickFile sends an ‘invoice created’ notification which then allows the receiving app to pull any invoice data.

I’m not familiar with Ecwid, but what data it updates (such as stock level) once an invoice has been created, would be down to Ecwid. I’d recommend asking them about this as they are likely to be able to confirm this for you.

It may also be worth looking at Zapier which supports both Ecwid and QuickFile, and will do most of the leg work in connecting the two for you:

All our API and web hook info can be found here:, and as always, we’re happy to help with any queries regarding this

I just wanted to add, you mention you need stock levels to sync between the two, QuickFile doesn’t record stock levels. We only support a basic inventory which is more for templates invoices and allowing you to create them quickly.