Introducing Quick File Affinity

Over the last few months we have been working on a new project called Affinity. Affinity is a multi-user dashboard for accounting professionals and anyone looking to manage more than one Quick File account. The system has been designed to pull together multiple Quick File accounts into a centralised dashboard with one set of login credentials.

From the Affinity dashboard you will be able to attach and detach profiles, track key filing dates and quickly jump into specific areas within your managed profiles. You can read the full Affinity guide here…

We are currently beta testing the platform up until around January 2014, during this period the Affinity platform will be free to use without limits. When the beta period expires the standard pricing will be applied, for estimate costings please take a look at our pricing calculator. It’s important to note however that you will not unknowingly incur costs following the beta expiry as the service will only run on a pre-paid basis.

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