Invoice_Create API Allow Direct Debit 'Initiate request after'

I notice that the ‘Initiate request after’ is not available when creating an invoice via the API. We are having to manually do this via the front-end.

Hi @samppatel

You’re right - it’s not available at the moment. I believe this may have been added to QuickFile after the release of the Invoice_Create API method.

We can certainly consider adding this though - you’ve posted in the correct category, so we’ll leave it open for others to add their vote/comment of support.

That would certainly be a useful addition from our perspective.

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We will take a look at this shortly and update you, it should be possible to extend our existing schema without needing to fork.

Fantastic. Otherwise the use of the API to create an invoice is negated by having to manually set this for clients with a GoCardless mandate.

Interestingly, if this is added to the API would the value be ignored if the customer does not have a GoCardless mandate?

Can I just check, are you using the Invoice_Create method to create a recurring invoice template with an occurrence of 1, and the GoCardlesssAutoBill value set to true?

If you set auto bill on a client without a mandate then it will be ignored.

GoCardlesssAutoBill is set to true but occurrence will be set more than 1 usually. Yes I noticed GoCardlesssAutoBill is ignored if client has no mandate which is just fine for me. I presume if the ‘Initiate request after’ will also be ignored if client has no mandate.

Yes that will be the case, we’ve actually just updated the schema so this should be live by tomorrow.


Just as a side note the update will be made to the version 1.2 API. But if you’re using different methods you don’t need to update your entire API just the Invoice_Create calls, and there is very little difference.

This should now be live. If you would kindly try that and let me know.


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