Invoice customisation - removing and/or changing labels

I want to remove some labels from my custom invoice, like the ‘from’ and ‘to’ and rename ‘issue date’ to ‘invoice date’. I have managed so far to do it using CSS using F12 and I can see on the screen that they have gone or been changed, however when I ‘apply changes’ then ‘save’ then actually print the invoice - there they are again!

What am I doing wrong?

I am a newbie to QF and very very new to CSS.

You can remove the from: and to: address prefixes without using CSS. If you go into the sales menu and select “Invoice Customisation”, then click on the recipient address box you can disable there.

Changing the label Issue Date to Invoice Date would require the following CSS class, I’ve added this for you…

     content: "Invoice Date";

Hi Glenn,

Well don’t I feel a div for having not checked the customization boxes first!! Oh dear and sorry for wasting your time but appreciate you taking the time to point out my school girl error to me.

Thanks also for doing the transform on the CSS for me - I’ve now copied it for other labels I wanted to change and my invoices look beautiful and fit for purpose :smile:

Loving quickfile! Having been a Quickbooks fan for over 10 years - this is the dog’s doodahs by comparison.

Thanks again for your help


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