Invoice dates created by bank tagging

Hi. I’m very new to QuickFile and have the following query. When I allow QuickFile to create an invoice when I tag a bank transaction, the invoice is given the same date as the bank entry. However, in most cases, the actual invoice date will be 30 or so days earlier. Is there any way to apply the correct date without having to manually alter each invoice? Having to do this slows down what could otherwise be a very slick and time saving process. Thanks.

Is you cash basis option ticked?

Thanks for suggestion. Do you mean the the Accrual or Cash option in the VAT settings? This is set to Accrual. If there is another setting I’ve missed - where do I find it?

Bank tagging as you say will set the invoice date to be the same as the bank entry date. This is often fine for many small businesses on cash accounting. The tagging process is designed to be a quick lightweight alternative to the manual entry approach, we have always resisted adding more fields here as it really starts to slow the tagging process down.

Thanks for your reply, Glenn. And for clarifying my query. I understand your desire to keep things as clean and simple as possible, but I don’t think I can be the only user who thinks the addition of an ‘Invoice Date’ field to the tagging process would transform it from a ‘quick lightweight alternative’ into a very efficient time saving function. I hope you can perhaps give it some consideration for future upgrades and improvements! Thanks again. Ian.

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