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Invoice due date on google calendar

I used to be able to post a reminder to my google calendar when a sales invoice was due.
I cant seem to find the link to do this

Hi @warden

The google calendar integration is no longer supported directly with QuickFile however there is a way to link using Zapier: Connect your QuickFile to Google Calendar integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

I tried that. Not something I could even begin to understand
Disappointing the integration with google calendar was a good feature .

Hi Beth,
Yes, you can connect Quickfile to Google calendar but you can only record there a new invoice/estimate or a new client because the quickfile app within zapier is limited. It triggers only when a new invoice or a new customer is created in quickfile. It is also for the same war around, you can only create invoices or a new customer when you sell something, lets say, on amazon, your own website or in your shop using a card machine or so. When you create estimates using a different software you can also transfer them to quickfile. For all other things you can not use zapier - as far as I know.

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