Invoice from amazon and individual customer


I sell on Amazon and get payment from them every 2 weeks. Sale order is created when money comes to my bank account.
But now one of my customers asked me for an invoice. What shall I do? Money from that person is already included in Amazon’s payment and is account for in Amazon’s invoice.


Amazon should be able to produce the invoice.

You can treat Amazon like a merchant account (i.e. a separate bank account). If you’re not using Quick File to produce individual invoices for every sale made through Amazon you can use the bulk logging approach (see link below), this is much quicker than recording every Amazon sale.

Handling Payments from Merchant Accounts

Yes, but not in all cases. for example I do fulfilment by merchant and that option is not available.
With FBA there is a different story and they probably produce invoices.


I have followed your advice and got stuck. I came to:
“You will now need to obtain the figures relating to your gross sales for a given period from your payment service provider”. I’m not sure how to understand it - obtain total figure or excel spreadsheet with detailed sales with data of each customer.
If the first one applies (the total figure) why I should do it - I already have that figure visible on my bank account. Amazon pays me every 2 weeks so it is convenient for me to do just one sales invoice for each payment.
Another question is how all these steps will help me in producing an invoice for Ms X form let’s say 3rd of March.
now to be honest I made a mess and instead of having sales of 4K in April I have 7K (half as money owed me).
I think it will be better to go back to old system and count on customers not asking for invoice.