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Invoice hide item not specific to each template

I actually want to show the item name on my invoices, but with the hide tick-box un-ticked on my “standard” template, only description is showing on the preview.

Then, I checked my other template and that had hide ticked.

So the hide tick-box is not specific to each template, if it is ticked on one template it will be hidden on all templates

Hi @Stuart_W

Can I just confirm that you’re using the multiple trading styles feature, and each template is assigned to a specific trading style?

Yes I am, but one of the templates was not assigned to a trading style, now that both are the hide tick box works correctly on both, I have one ticked and one un-ticked


So just to make sure - everything’s working all OK for you now? :slight_smile:

yes it is thanks, you just have to make sure each template is assigned to a trading style

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