Invoice in minus figures

Not sure the best way to do this. Got an invoice from Stripe processing. We don’t use it much, but refunded a customer and had a couple of small payments received. The monthly invoice came through as £2.26 processing fees and -£2.49 refunded fees. The invoice therefore is for -£0.23 - which has been debited back to my account.

Because of how quickfile is configured, i cannot create an invoice in minus figures, nor can i add a credit note to it because the credit would be greater than the original invoice. i also can’t credit back to a different invoice, as i said earlier we don’t use this account much and therefore there isn’t another suitable invoice.

Is there anyway of dealing with these kinds of things. I know it’s probably not a common occurance so i’m guessing there isn’t.

Have you tried this? It should be possible, and will be an ad hoc credit note which will create a pre-tagged refund bank transaction on the date of the credit note. If that’s not the same date the money actually hit your current account then I’d refund the credit note into your stripe holding account and then tag the actual refund to you as a transfer from there to the current account.

the money doesn’t go in the bank, it just goes back into funds available in the stripe account. Keep playing n trying to find creative ways to sort it lol

Why not raise an invoice for £2.26 then a credit for £2.49 balance remains in stipe account.

Sorry that does not work. But a prepayment of 2.49 then raise invoice for £2.26 leaves a balance in the account of 23p you can show pre Payment going into stripe account and invoice paid from ore payment.

Hello @scoobeski

Seems the refund was larger than the actual invoice, I’m assuming the £2.49 refund was from a previous invoice (e.g. from a transaction that took place last month)?

Yes there was 2 refunds, one in the previous month and one in the month of the invoice