Invoice issued in different currency cannot be matched

I have an invoice issued in EUR (100EUR) and payment on current account of £82.97 (imported statement)
I cannot seem to tag the transaction as payment for the invoice - system does not match them two.
I tried to add a credit to client’s account, but similarly I cannot make this transaction to be a credit available in EUR. It is applied as GBP credit only.

Applying credit directly in cleint’s account works - but this way - it is not conected to the transaction of 82.97 either.

Please help - is this a bug ?

Bank tagging only works when the bank and invoice currency match. In your particular case you would need to go to the invoice preview screen, click the log a payment button and here you will have the option to specify the amount paid in EUR and received in GBP.

Thank you

This creates a new entry in banking
Does this mean that transaction entry imported from statement will not be able to be tagged and should be deleted?
This would mean i will have to be extra careful to avoid duplicates in banking

You’d need to then delete the untagged entry on the bank account to balance things out. You are correct, you do need to be careful to remove any duplicates.

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