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Invoice Nearly Due Email


Hi Guys,

We need a feature where the customer can be emailed a specified amount of days before an invoice is due to remind the customer of the due date and amount.

This could be done in one of two ways:

  1. The existing system could be updated to allow a negative figure of the amount of days overdue. Then we could have the first overdue reminder to actually be a advance reminder. Basic/short development time required.

  2. Preferred: Introduce the advance reminder email as an actual feature. More development time, but a dedicated feature.

If you’re reading this and you need this feature, please add an I want this feature too! comment.

Let’s hope the team cold at least introduce option 1 quickly as this would greatly cut down our credit control workload.

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Hi @cr123,

Thank you for this, as you said above, we will leave this here to see how much interest we get :slight_smile:



I did mention this in another thread. It is certainly something that I would value, especially if the option 2 was implemented.

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This would be useful for me also - especially if it can be enabled on a customer by customer basis.



[quote=“cr123, post:1, topic:26661”]
I want this feature too!
[Would be very useful]



Definitely a useful feature. I would certainly use it. I currently send a similar notice, but it relies on my memory and is not automatic!
Thank you.



Yes please… would prefer option 2 too.




I want this feature too!