Invoice not being delivered

One of my customers isn’t getting her invoice via her hotmail email address and doesn’t have another she can use. The system says it has sent it but it isn’t in her inbox or in her junk/spam folder. I have worked around the issue by creating a PDF and emailing it as an attachment which is fine if she pays by BACs but doing it that way means she can’t pay by card.
Is there another way?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @AntParker,

You can also send the link for the invoice to her in an email which will give her the ability to pay by card.

There should be an option at the top of the invoice for the link if you click the send button underneath the send invoice by email button there should be able to copy the link:

I think you need to make this more obvious and add some notes to that (e.g. Send link to invoice) as I think a lot of people miss this option and go round the houses with the PDF option instead.

You can also add the link (to see the invoice in her account and to pay for it) inside the PDF. To do so go to invoice customisation.

Also, does your client have the ability in her email account to add your email address to something like Save Sender?

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Thanks Beth.
I’ll do that in future.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll do some investigating.

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