Invoice not previewing but downloading?

When I go to print off the invoice, it is not generating the image to do so. Is there a problem with other accounts?

Mine are generating fine. Maybe you could supply a few more details?

Have you changed anything recently?
Have they generated previously?
Are you using a predefined template, or created your own?
Is it any particular invoice, or just one or two? Maybe you could supply a number if it’s just one or two

It’s only just started. I have been using this system for 4 years now. It just says generating preview and not going further. It’s the default template I’m using

It’s ok. I have sussed out what is happening. It isn’t generating the preview image but it is downloading it, so I can access it from the download folder.

I was about to suggest the same. That’s a setting on your browser that you’d need to change, depending on the browser you’re using.

Yes - but I haven’t changed any settings…have sorted the problem though…I have got rid of windows 8!!! :smiley: