Invoice number presets with last remembered increment used

Ok i am going to try explain this dnt think it will come across right so will show example.

It be nice to have the ability to have invoice presets that come from dropdown box and also have default style.

For this i mean i use 3 styles of invoice numbers for tracking purposes relating to what i am doing and will in the near future be adding 4th, so for normal business invoices i use numbering of 1,2,3,4 etc which is fine it auto_increment it, but sometimes i need to generate some as ebay1 ,ebay2, ebay3 etc. or for testing invoices 0a, 0b etc but when i change the invoice name and come to generate a new one it auto increments that last one used it be nice to have presets like normal which be 1,2,3,4 and it increments from last number used, ebay, and it increments from last one used against and so

I disagree, I don’t understand why you would want to have multiple invoice numbering conventions? Invoice numbers should generally be sequential and easily auditable. An invoice number is nothing more than a way to ID an invoice, if you want to include other details pertinent to the order then there are many other places you could include this.

What you’re suggesting would be ridiculous to manage, especially when you factor in that QuickFile creates many invoices automatically through bank tagging, PayPal feeds etc.

there is a few reasons why i do it, audit trail isn’t hard in fact to me it easier because if i label it ebay then just need to tie ti toe ebay one around the same time, but if it all one numbers it harder in my opinion anyway,

But i understand it be a right nightmare to do but unless ou ask or someone else does it will never happen

I would suggest you make sure you have different Nominal accounts for each sales type and use the ‘show all notes’ tick box to see the detail of each transaction. The invoice numbers are included but almost irrelevant, it is the tracking that you will achieve.

@BanksyBoy thanks will do that but i still use different invoice numbering, quite a few of my suppliers do it and they have high sales turnover so it can’t uncommon