Invoice Number Sequencing

Our invoice numbers are simply 4 digits in length, with preceding zeros where applicable (e.g. 0185). However, at some point where there’s been a test or something similar, I’ve created one with a ‘z’ infront of it (e.g. z0123). These have now been deleted.

Up until today, all invoices have been created fine as 4 digits, until a recurring invoice was created and auto-generated a number prefixed with a ‘z’. I’m assuming this isn’t supposed to happen seems they’ve been fine up until now?

In general the sequencing goes from the last invoice created irrespective of whether that invoice was later deleted. So if the ‘z’ invoice was created (and deleted) just before the recurring invoice was created, it would still pick up from there. Changing the number of the last created invoice usually fixes this.

I’ve referred this to an engineer but thought it may be worth mentioning the above first, until we get a chance to look into this further.

Thanks for coming back to me on this Glenn. I can confirm that the last invoice created had the 4 digit format rather than the ‘z’ format.

Thanks for confirming!

It seems in this instance the invoice number automatically penned for that recurring invoice collided with one already in existence (that doesn’t normally happen and needs to be investigated).

The system then tried to create a replacement by ordering all your invoices by invoice number - descending then incrementing from the top one. Obviously the top one was the z invoice.

What we need to try to establish is why the recurring invoice created a number that was already in existence? Correcting the number manually should fix the issue for now. Once fixed can you please open the new invoice screen and see what number pre-populates in the top right?

I’ve manually adjusted the number, and when I create a new one manually, it continues in the numerical sequence.

Bit odd that it tried to collide with another one!