Invoice numbering issue

So I prefer to use a hyphen system e.g. HY-2019-001 for example which worked fine for a couple of invoices.

However I accidentally missed the hyphen and created a HY-2019002 invoice and saved it and now the invoicing screen point blank prevents me from typing any hyphens in the number once I try and re-type it by adding one in the correct place. If I remove all the characters to try and type it in from scratch it stops any hyphens at all - looks like a bug perhaps?

So now I’m stuck with an invoicing sequence which prevents me getting back to my desired format. Any idea?

Ok managed a workaround - weirdly cutting/pasting into the invoice number box then let me fix it but typing it in from scratch blocked the hyphens. Still looks like a bug though :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you managed to resolve this. I will discuss this with our team :slight_smile:

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