Invoice Numbers/Description to show on Receipt Detail Tagging Screen

Can I suggest that Invoice Numbers and/or Descriptions(maybe the first 20 characters) could be shown on the Receipt Detail Tagging screen when suggestions/matches are being shown by QF having completed the ‘Total Amount’ field.

I often have many invoices from the same supplier for the same amount, and often many have the same date. Therefore, it’s not possible for me to identify whether I have entered the invoice already, or attached a scan to the invoice already.

When Tagging after choosing ‘Payment from a customer’ select ‘Pay down multiple invoices or assign to a client account’, then choose the customer, rather than the automatic list as that shows the Invoice Number. On the description the best way is to make the first line of your text as descriptive (!) as possible to make things clearer.


Thanks PB, but the problem for me is in the receipts tagging. Today I have tagged approx 30 invoices that were all very similar in price, and it was very difficult to clearly identify which invoices I should tag.

Also, from the bank statement screen I have the same issue. I generally tag the scanned receipt first, and then go to the bank account to tag the entries there and tie-up the bank entry to the scan. If the invoice number was visible when making these tags, reconciling the entries would be quicker where you have many receipts of the same value.

Aha, I see! Well, the good news is it is exactly the same principle on the receipt side too…

Payment to a supplier

Pay down multiple purchases or assign to a supplier account

Choose Supplier

There is the Invoice/Purchases Number ans description.