Invoice numbers missing in Recent Events

When I allocate a payment to an invoice, it’s recorded in the Recent Events list as “A payment of GBP xx.xx was allocated to invoice #yyyyyyyy” where yyyyyyyy is the invoice number. But that number is now missing - that line stops at the hash symbol.

Hi @mcgregormedia

Do you notice this if you’re logging the payments in a particular way (e.g. bank tagging, “log payment”, etc.)?

From what I can tell, it’s payments allocated using the new dropdown in the invoices list.

It looks like payments automatically allocated from direct debit-enabled are showing correctly.

Thanks @mcgregormedia - I’ve replicated this and asked our team to take a look.

I’ll update you when we’ve fixed this :slight_smile:

@mcgregormedia - Just a quick update to let you know this has now been fixed. Please let us know if you experience any further issues here.

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