Invoice numbers out of sequence

We are a bit confused as our nice auto-generated invoice numbers have suddenly stopped working. We have reached invoice 9 and the system has now jumped down to 0, and no longer generates anything else but 0 automatically.

A little confused.

Thanks in advance.

I see what’s happened here. The numbering convention you are using is as follows


When it gets to KFDS9, after that it increments to KFDS0. This is just the way the system is setup.

If you prefixed the number with zeros this wouldn’t happen, for example.


However you’ve manually put it on the right track again with KFDS10 so you should be fine now!

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I see. Makes sense. for the life of me cant find where i set this automation? could you jog my memory.

Cheers for your help.


It just gets picked up from the last invoice raised. So now if you raise a new invoice on your account you will see something like this:

If you changed the invoice number manually to say KFDS00013, the next time you raise an invoice it will show as KFDS00014. The system always tries to increment from the last invoice raised.

Thought as much. Cheers Glenn! You guys are offering a truly brilliant service all round.

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