Invoice paid by credit note and bank transfer but only showing as part paid (Solved)


I have a problem in the fact that I have a purchase invoice that I have assigned a credit note to for part of the payment and the rest of the invoice was paid through the bank account and tagged. The invoice shows the correct credit note has having been applied and the correct amount as having been paid to date. However, in the purchase management screen the invoice is being shown as partially paid. When I have a look at the invoice there is an option of credit note and when you click this it shows the amount of the bank transaction. So, it looks like the bank transaction hasn’t been applied even though on the invoice it says that a payment has been attributed to it. This has happened once before but I think it was dealt with the backroom staff at Quickfile and corrected by them.



I’m presuming you’re referring to #QF01101? I have manually corrected this for you.

There is a known issue that we are waiting for a specific engineer to look at, unfortunately she is currently on leave and will return next week. It only occurs with a specific combination of a credit note and bank tagged payment. I will update this thread as soon as we have a permanent fix in place.

Thanks Glenn for your quick response and sorting QF01101 out for me.

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Hi, I have the same problem. Can you help me too please?
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@PrintLogicUK I identified and corrected two such invoices on your account. I apologise for the ongoing issues here, this will be fixed by Monday.

Hi Glenn, Thanks for your help.
Kind regards, Britta

Just to keep you updated, we are looking into this today and should have a permanent fix in place shortly.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

I’m pleased to say that this has now been resolved. Apologies for the delay!

Brilliant. Thanks for that.