Invoice paid by DD but still reports as Overdue

I have an invoice that has been paid by DD (and it states this at the top of the invoice screen) but it is still showing as “Overdue”.
A customer paid his invoice by bank transfer, however, it was also scheduled to be collected by DD.
I tagged the manual payment to pay off the invoice, but when the DD collection came in the DD payment was also automatically tagged to the invoice.
I deleted the manual bank transfer payment, with a view to making this a payment on account, and since then the invoice states that it has been paid by DD, but it is also “overdue”.
Any ideas on how to set the status of the invoice to paid?

Hi @nasuk

On the invoice itself, does it show that there’s still a balance due?

Hi Mathew
Yes it does.

Hi @nasuk

I’ll send you a private message now so we can take a further look at this.

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