Invoice Presets - Affinity

Hi. Is it possible to select an invoice style from the gallery if the accounts is linked to Affinity?

Thank you.

So like a shared template mapped across all Affinity accounts? That’s no something we support I’m afraid, you’d need to open one and copy + paste to a new template on the other account.

Erm. I mean the preset Gallery. Happy to do one at a time. It’s just the Gallery button that usually appear to select a colour scheme template is now appearing.

I’m not sure I’m following? Are you referring to this:

Hi thanks Glenn. I mean on the invoices. If I login into an account as normal. Non affinity for eg. If you go to Sales > Invoice Customisation… then there is an option that allows you to select a preset invoice style from the galler (green) button. That button is not appearing.

Ah ok, that green button (see below) doesn’t appear in Sales >> Invoice Customisation, it appears on any invoice preview screen.

Perfect - thank you Glenn.