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One of my clients are a large corporate clients and unfortunately have strict internet policies. For some stupid reason, the invoice will load in the client panel, but it won’t display any buttons or images (such as the overdue banner or the print button).

So, my suggestion is if they tried printing straight from the panel rather than downloading the PDF, is it possible to hide everything around it and have just the invoice showing in the print view only?

Hope that makes sense!

That’s strange! There’s nothing special about any of those buttons so I don’t know why they would be blocked…they’re just plain old regular images.

I’m not sure about adding a “print as HTML” option at this stage, printing HTML is always going to be a messy approach and for printing invoices PDFs are always preferable. Are they not able to download as a PDF and print that? Alternatively are you able to attach a PDF on the original invoice emails you send?

The only issue with sending the PDFs as attachments is not having a record of them viewing it. It’s nice to have that as a back up when they say they haven’t received it.

I can send you a scanned copy of a print out they’ve sent me if that’s any good @Glenn, just for you to get an idea?

Sure, please would you PM me the scanned copy and I will take a look.

What browser are they using? Some large corporate clients IT departments tend to stick a few steps behind the release channel with updates and browser versions IME.

Spot on I think @Lurch. They’re apparently using IE8 and can only see this:

But also this:

When the blocked content is allowed, it seems to show the images. IE8 seems to be picking up on a SSL Certificate error however, which I suppose could be a cause of the blocked content?

Our images are hosted on a CDN so it will be pulling from there. Not sure why it would block it though? When I check the certificate in Chrome it’s all fine.

Anyway we’ve now updated all these buttons to CSS so it shouldn’t be an issue going forward. We’re due to go live with this today or tomorrow.

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@Parker1090 Just a quick one to let you know that we’ve just updated the client control panel with CSS buttons as opposed to the images we were using previously. I’m hoping this will solve the original problem reported here.

Just asked them to check this and have the following:

There is still an error with the security certificate.
Before accepting the blocked content, the below is shown

Once it’s accepted they see this:

It’s probably just down to them using IE8 more than anything!

The stylesheets are also hosted on our CDN and I think that’s the problem. So any static media/resources on the CDN is getting blocked, hence the missing logos.

Unfortunately the scope of this problem is likely to be very narrow and IE8 is now a few versions behind. I think at least they should be able to see the “Print” link and get the PDF much easier than before.

Hopefully. Fingers crossed that they actually move forward and use something a bit better too!

Thanks for looking at this though!

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Rather than create a print HTML you could envoke a screenshot print, you could set the visble area in HTML for the screenshot so it would leave out the rest of the panel, there is a google developers view on it here or there are off the shelf plugins out there for capturing a snapshot on your site.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Simon. If this proves to be more popular we will certainly look at this a little further. I haven’t had a chance to look in detail at this suggested method but I will pass it to our developers.