Invoice reference number now just a single letter


Since yesterday I have just noticed the invoices are just a single letter, for example the one I created a invoice and it has a letter D and created one today and it has a letter of E but the previous invoice before letter D was 000301 so am bit confused

Can anyone help please?

Thank you in advance

Any new invoice will auto-increment from the last invoice created. In cases where a letter is used, rather than a number it increments alphabetically.

Maybe you accidentally saved an invoice earlier with a single letter keyed into the invoice number field? To resolve this I think you will need to edit all the invoices with letters and enter a number there. Any new invoices from there on will pickup from the last number.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the reply. I have not accidentally saved a earlier invoice with a single letter as the previous invoice number is 000301 before invoice D and then it started for some reason as letter D and then today’s one was letter E.

Your account seems to be incrementing numerically now, I can see you’ve change the letters to the regular number range.

Checking an earlier snapshot it shows an invoice created yesterday evening with the letter “D” as the invoice number. The next one then picked up as “E”. If it happens again please let us know.

Yeah I changed the invoices D and E to be 000302 and 000303, so guessing now any new invoices will automatically carry on such as 000304 and so on?

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Thank you for the replies etc Quickfile, really appreciate it

Will let you know if the issue happens again

No problem, looks fine now!

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