Invoice reminders before overdue


I understand you can set the days to 0 on the first invoice remind to automatically send an email once an invoice is over due.

Is it possible to send enter a minus number to send a reminder before it becomes over due?

For example, if I enter -7 will it send a reminder 7 days before the due day?



I’m afraid this is not supported, we only currently support overdue reminders in QuickFile. I will convert to a feature thread and leave this open for others to comment and add their vote.

One other thing you can do to encourage timely payments on invoices is enable the automated client account statements.

For us this would be nice to have but not at the expense of credit limits or stop flags being discussed elsewhere.

Thanks for the info Glenn.

Would it be easy to implement this?

It just seems like such a simple idea to automatically send a polite reminder X amount of days before the due day.


Not really easy, actually very few things are easy to implement and this would likely take a few days. What we have already is specifically for overdue invoice chasers. This doesn’t really fit into that category, it’s more of a reminder so would require some different functionality to be built to accommodate. I would say it would take 3-4 days including testing to implement.