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Invoice_Search API - OrderResultsBy error

When sending the following Schema documented enumeration values for the OrderResultsBy parameter the API responds the values are INVALID.


The only working value is ‘CompanyName’ which is undocumented but is shown the loaded example.

Also the following schema documented parameters are invalid.


“AdditionalParameters”: {
“ClientDetails”: {

Also, the “AccountReference” parameter is not documneted in the schema.

Hello @samppatel

Do you have any examples of code you’re using (e.g. the JSON submitted) please?

I am simply using the API Sandbox (JSON).

Ok thanks.

I’ve tested a few scenarios which all appear to work:

  • Order by Total
  • Order by InvoiceNumber
  • Order by IssueDate
  • Additional parameters (net, VAT and purchase reference)
  • Search by IssueDateFrom

The only one that didn’t work for me was ClientName, which I have asked our development team to investigate.

Regarding AccountReference - have you successfully used it?

If you can give me any examples which don’t work for you, that would be appreciated.