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Invoice search at 6 months fails

Today is 26/6/20. I had an outstanding invoice dated 6/1/20 paid today so less than 6 months yet the search for this invoice failed to find it. It would be good if this could be corrected.
Going forward it would be helpful if after that date it included all unpaid invoices > 6 months either with the same value as the remittance or, if searching by the client, then all unpaid for that client > 6 months.

If you select pay down multiple invoices. It will list all unpaid invoices even if they are older than 6 months.

Hi @AntEmm

If an invoice that is outstanding and within the specified time period isn’t being found, it’s likely to be down to one of a few reasons, including the value.

If the value is different (which could be because the client paid more than one invoice, it’s not GBP, or the amount you’re tagging is less than the invoice), then it won’t show up by default.

The way to handle this would be using the method @Paul_Courtier mentioned, and using the “Pay down multiple invoices” option. If it’s non-GBP, then you can now enable that while tagging transactions.

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you experience any further issues.

Hi Matthew

Thanks - the explanations you have given are not the cause - the money is in GBP and the value from the bank exactly correct for a single invoice. There is an error and I can send you the screen shots privately if that is helpful.

I am surprised that you don’t want to investigate why this has happened. Yes I can, and indeed did, pay down the invoice but finding a way around an error never seems the best solution.
Kind regards

Hi @AntEmm

Happy to investigate this, as we would with all bugs. If you could send a screenshot and some accounts details to us (Use @QFSupport), we’ll take a look at this for you.

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