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I am an IT contractor. I do not create and send out my own invoices. The agencies I work through invariably have a self-billing option, which means I submit a time sheet for my work and they issue both the invoice and payment.

The main reason I am trying out QuickFile is the move by HMRC to making tax digital, which means I will no longer be able to submit VAT returns myself. I will have to use the services of a company like QuickFile.

I am on the flat-rate scheme and submit VAT returns quarterly. All I want to be able to do is record those (13 or so) invoices for each quarter and submit a VAT return. That’s all.

So to my question: How can I move an invoice from DRAFT to a finished invoice, without sending it off? I do not need or want to send the invoices off to the agency.


Hi @musakhan

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If you click on Send you’ll see a few options. One of these is Flag as Sent. This just simply changed the invoice from Draft to Sent without sending the invoice anywhere.

Hope this helps.

Ahh OK… I did not see that option. Thanks

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