Invoice sent in euros is received by us in Sterling problems showing invoice as paid

We work with alot of italian suppliers, we work on commissions with some of them if our clients pay directly to the company, so we get advised of commissions figures in euros which we invoice in euros, the payment is then made to us into our bank account by transfer so we receive £XXX it will not let me tag the amounts to the invoices from the bank feed but to apply them as credits to the client account, which I have done but it will not let me use these funds against the outstanding invoice, where normally it gives me the option to use the credit…

At this time bank tagging only works when the invoice and bank currency are the same.

If you log the payment manually on the invoice you will be able to declare the amount received in EUR and GBP, this will of course create a duplicate entry on the bank so you would need to then delete the untagged original.