Invoice showing not paid but customer account debited

I raised an invoice and emailed to a customer to make payment, the invoice is still showing as unpaid on my quickfile dashboard and there are also no records of the payment on my stripe account.

However, customer sent me a screenshot of her bank account showing the invoice amount have been debited from her account.

I contacted stripe yesterday to trace the payment and they have confirmed there is no records of the payment coming through to stripe.

anyone able to help please.


Was the payment definately made using Stripe?
Was the payment made through, or outside of QuickFile?

If the payment was through QuickFile, if you could confirm the invoice number, I’m happy to dig further for you and see if I can find anything

I raised the invoice in quickfile and emailed to the customer, the link on the invoice opens up the “client area” on quickfile, for the customer to make payment

stripe cant find any records of the payment and the invoice is still showing as unpaid on my quickfile account.

Can you confirm the invoice number and the payment date please, and I’ll take a look for you?

Invoice #: 84094

Payment date according to customer bank account detail:30/06/2016

i can PM you the screenshot of bank debit details if you need it.

I’ll send you a PM now to get some further information.

When an invoice is paid using Stripe on QuickFile, it’s usually updated within a few minutes to show it’s been paid, it’s just the payment coming through that takes a few days.

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