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I just joined the quickfile community and of course I have so many questions about how to make it easy and to understand it as much as I can. The logo is overlapping the invoice and i dont know what to do to move it.
please help. What do I need to tick so the clients can receive the invoice through an email, also when I made a test and sent a client login details for quickfile account to email to see if it works to access it, the message comes up as ‘‘invalid login credentials’’ and it won’t let the clients login. Any help is more then welcome, thanks.


Are you able to post a screenshot of your logo so we can see how much it needs to be moved please?

For clients to receive invoices by email, you need to give them at least one contact who would have an email address. When you click ‘send’ on the invoice, you would then get an email option.

Not sure about the credentials. Are you already logged in as the admin? This is the only thing I can think of that may be throwing an error, although I can’t see that being an invalid credentials one.

Hi @Mums2Clean, I’ve resolved overlapping logo issue for you. You can go ahead and create invoices, logo is sitting in the right place now. :slight_smile:


Image removed

Did I click the right options?

Thank youuuu,you saved me time!!! :grinning:

It looks like it. If you go to the invoice, click send - do you get an option to send it by email?

Yes and I did send it by email,invoice could be opened by client but also the client has received quickfile login details but they not working as it shows ‘‘login credentials not valid’’ so I guess I did not activate the right options maybe?

Glad the send by email option works.

Not sure about the credentials - if I’m honest, I tend not to worry about them. As long as the ‘Enforce client login’ option isn’t ticked, they can access all their account details via that link

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Thanks for the advice,the enforce client login was ticked,I just unticked it and it is working fine!

The support I had from you helped me to reach to the next level on my quickfile journey which is still on the beginning.If I work with other self employed cleaners under which category I should register them on quickfile so I can track all the work they supply, payments to them as well?Thanks!

Hi @Mums2Clean, it sounds like these other self-employed cleaners are subcontractors, rather than individuals on your payroll. If that is the case there is actually a dedicated category called “Sub-contractors” you can use. Then each sub-contractor would be logged onto your account as a supplier.

Just a pointer, I would suggest opening up any new queries under their own thread. It helps to keep things organised here rather than having lots of random discussions in one thread.

Would do so,thanks again for the support!

@Mums2Clean, I just wanted to come back to you regarding credentials not working for your clients.

This was identified as a bug and has today been fixed as per @Glenn’s post below. Apologies for not noticing this earlier, but start a new topic should you encounter any further issues.

What we found today was that whenever a client attempts to reset their password from within the client control panel, it failed every time to recognise the current password.

We tested the process of creating a new client contact from the admin side and checking the box to automatically create a password, but this appeared to work fine.

One problem I’ve seen previously is when the password is copied from the email and pasted into the box on the login screen. Sometimes additional spaces are included at the beginning or the end which can cause an issue.