Invoice Styling

Hi All,

I might be missing something…it has been a long day : ) . How can I view the style of my invoice without raising one? I am trying to keep my invoice on one page but it seems to keep going onto two as my payment term are quite detailed, coupled with my services, company details etc. I keep having to raise a new invoice to see if every fits okay.

@Glenn it would we great if a preview came up on the invoice style screen.

In general you don’t need to raise a new invoice every time, as long as you have at least one invoice on your account you can open it in another tab. You can then make any modifications in the invoice style screen and refresh in the invoice preview screen to instantly see your changes.

Caveat: Some elements of the invoice styling will however only get applied to newly created invoice, in particular invoice notes and invoice terms. I think this is the crux of the problem you describe, however what I would do is create a single draft invoice (i.e. don’t send), perfect the notes and terms within the invoice then when you are happy copy these to the invoice style screen to be used as future defaults.

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