Invoice terms text not appearing when invoice viewed online


We have set text in the ‘Invoice terms’ field of ‘Invoice customisation’, including terms and bank details. However, when a customer views an invoice online, this text is not shown. Neither is it shown when they click ‘Print’ to generate a PDF (which is where I thought they should be by default.

Please advise?


The text you enter within the invoice customisation area doesn’t get instantly applied to all invoices. It is referenced only when a new invoice is created, so any new invoices will adopt that text. Does that makes sense?

It does, except that as far as I was aware, the text was set weeks ago. The invoice I was looking at was about a week old. That said, I’ve just created a test invoice, and the text is there. I may be going slightly mad…

Any change the invoices were converted from estimates, in that particular case the terms would have been inherited from the estimate?

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Ah - that’ll be it. Thanks, @Glenn. Stand down, stand down…

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