Invoice to appear in two QF accounts

I run 2 quickfile accounts and need my invoices from one to also go to the other

I just posted a query saying I need to email it 2 people but thats not strictly what I need thinking about its more a case of getting my invoices to appear on both quick file accounts without duplicating the work

Whats the difference between the 2 accounts? Is it the case of one invoicing the other?

If so, you can link accounts to do that

I tried that and all the receipts and invoices etc from the account that I linked have gone

could you please email me privately as I need to be able to talk about my account names etc

I’ve sent you a private message, however not sure I’ll be much use!

If you need to mirror all the invoices in two accounts, there’s no way to do this automatically. I suspect you’d need to look at using the API to run a scheduled job to sync the data, otherwise it’s a case of manually exporting the invoices and importing them back into the other account. Although I’ve never heard of this requirement before, would be interested to know what your case is for needing to duplicate the invoices?