Invoice Webfonts when converting to PDF

Firstly, I’m a new user and really impressed with the software. Many thanks! I’ve just been working on a custom CSS invoice. I appreciate the PDF creator is limited, but is there any way to get my custom Webfonts (Roboto and Roboto Slab) to show in PDF format? It’s currently converting to Times New Roman, which isn’t what I had in mind! Thanks in advance

Hi @samuel

Thank you for your positive feedback! :slight_smile:

As you mentioned, the PDF generator is limited and doesn’t support things such as the @import function required to load the webfont itself. In which case, it falls back to a default setting (which seems to be Times New Roman).


Thanks for the response. Is there any way to print the invoice straight from a browser, without it going through the PDF creator and without the quickfile menu system showing? That way the fonts would be preserved on a hard copy…

There isn’t a direct way to doing this in QuickFile, although if you have the knowledge, you may be able to set up some CSS styles to remove the information in the browser window, leaving just the invoice itself.

If you have a power user subscription, you may be able to achieve this using the custom CSS / scripts feature (I haven’t personally tried this)

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