Invoice x of y - Recurring Invoices

We have a client who will potentially be paying in installments for a service over a certain period. Just wondered what the possibility of having a dynamic value to say “Invoice x of y” in the notes or something like this?

So, y would be the number of recurrences, and x to be how far in it is (if that makes sense?)

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Makes sense, although I would need to check with our developers as there will likely be some technical aspects that we’d need to look at for situations where you just keep reusing the same template.

I know this is an old topic, But this feature would be of great help we need this to take advantage of the reoccurring invoices and we are now stating to do more Via DD. But our client invoice are always 1st payment, 2nd payment and so on.

I wouldn’t say that I “need” this but it would certainly be something that we would find useful.

@mathump3 @FolkLondon

We’re currently looking into adding a token for this. e.g.

Invoice [NUMBER] from [TOTAL].

One slight problem is when recurring templates are re-saved with a new start date. The counter would reset to 0, if this doesn’t present an issue then I see no problem with using these dynamic variables.

@Parker1090 @FolkLondon @mathump3
Just a quick update to let you know we’ve added this.

The new variables are:
||OCCURRENCES|| - The total number of occurrences
||OCCURRENCE_NO|| - The invoice number in the sequence

||OCCURRENCE_NO|| of ||OCCURRENCES|| would produce something similar to 3 of 12

Please let us know if you need any help with these.

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