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InvoiceName in email subject



I just modified the template of the email for “New invoice raised” with

Invoice @InvoiceNumber@: @InvoiceName@

and the body with:

Invoice #: @InvoiceNumber@
Invoice name: @InvoiceName@
Issue Date: @InvoiceIssueDate@
Due Date: @InvoiceDueDate@
Total Amount: @InvoiceTotalAmount@

However when I click on send the subject field, only the invoice number in the subject field is modified. the invoice name is not. In the body, the invoice name token is correctly updated.

Is this a bug?


Hi @cedev

I believe this should be picked up. I will refer it to a developer to investigate and come back to you.


Hi @QFSupport,

Have you had a chance to have a look at it?



Hello @cedev

Not yet I’m afraid. I know our team have been busy with a few other areas recently. As soon as I’ve heard anything, I will let you know.


@cedev - We’ve just released an update to include this. Would you mind trying this please and letting us know if this now works as expected?



Thanks, it works perfectly now!


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