Invoices after VAT deregistration

Hi, we’ve recently deregistered for VAT, so we’ve amended the invoice template accordingly. However, I’ve noticed that after amending the template (to remove our VAT number and the VAT itemisation), the amendment seems to get applied to all past invoices. I need all the old invoices to stay as they are (with VAT number and VAT displayed), and for the changes to apply only to the new invoices. I’ve created a new template, but can’t work out how to apply this only to new invoices.

I suspect this is probably an easy problem to solve and it’s just me being dim! I hope I’ve been clear and thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Hello @statto71

You would disable vat and keep itemised enabled.

If there’s no VAT, it’ll just show as 0

Thank you, that makes sense and works.

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