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Invoices and VAT


I now need to include VAT on my invoices.

Is there an area on the invoice where I can insert the VAT amount and do I then need to enter both the gross and net amount as a purchase?

I’m sure this basic question exists already but I’m not able to find it.

Thanks, Darren

Hi @Darren21

If you go to Account Settings >> Company Settings, you can input your VAT number and tick the VAT Registered box. This will automatically add a VAT column to your invoices.

Thanks Matthew that seems straight forward enough. The invoice (including VAT) occurred back in October and I’ve already been paid. How do I create an invoice, noting it was paid back in October?


Hi @Darren21

I just want to check - do you mean the invoice was raised without VAT, but VAT actually needs to be charged on it as of the date it was paid (or even vise-versa)?

Hi Matthew

I seemed to have resolved this problem now.

However, I’ve completed a VAT tax return with HMRC (independent of QF)
and I now need to reflect it on QF and show the entries on the dashboard.

How do I do that?

Hi @Darren21

Would you mind me asking if you’re MTD registered? The process you need to go through will depend on whether you’re registered or not.

Hi Sian. Not sure what ‘MTD’ means?

Hi @Darren21

Sorry for that. It stands for Making Tax Digital. VAT-registered businesses with VATable sales above the VAT Threshold are required to digitally record their bookkeeping and submit VAT returns using MTD-compatible accounting software.


No, I’m not MTD registered.

Hi @Darren21

If you go to Reports >> VAT Returns, you can start a “submission” there. Just ensure that any boxes labelled as “submit to HMRC” are not ticked, and it’ll just be saved to your account for you.

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