Invoices are DRAFT

Why do my invoices show as DRAFT when I have sent them ?

How did you send them? From the invoice detail screen or from the invoice list?

I sent by snail mail


PS - Just followed normal process for creating and sending invoices

OK we’ve replicated the problem here and it’s due to an update we rolled out 30 mins ago. It’s failing to update the status when sending by snail mail, for now please could you manually update as sent. We should have the problem resolved in 30 mins.

Sorry @John_Charnock, I’ll update the thread as soon as this is fixed.


I sent one in december and then noticed today that is was draft so I created another

The balance on the account is not including either of these invoices , can I assume that they have not been sent or have they been sent but not posted ?


They have been sent, the problem only related to updating the status after they were sent.

This problem has now been fixed!

Hi Glenn

Do you know if both invoices were sent by snail mail ?


If you check the notes at the bottom in the invoice preview it will show the delivery confirmation sent back from iMail. Although there was never any problem with the dispatch, just the updating of the invoice status.

Thanks , I raised a credit to cancel