Invoices not reaching client


I have been sending invoices via my laptop to the same client now for three years no problems. I the last four months I have been sending the invoice but my client does not receive it. However when I go into Quickfile by my Iphone and resend it from there my client receives the invoice. I do not have any problems with any other email address.

Can you help


From what device you log into QuickFile won’t make any difference in terms of whether the invoice will be received or not.

The problem you describe is more likely to be on the client’s side. Specifically changes to the spam filtering policies of their email host. So it’s going out but most likely ending up in their spam folder or not getting through at all. Maybe a few months ago their email host tightened up their policies?

With QuickFile you can actually set all mail to be sent directly from your own email provider rather than through us. This will certainly improve email reliability, it’s explained in more detail here: